Vehicle Specific Kits

With vehicle manufacturers incorporating more technologically advanced safety systems the importance of fitting electrics which protect these is paramount. Technology such as TSP (trailer stability program), self levelling suspension and adaptive cruise control benefit from having vehicle specific kits fitted.

Fitment of such kits vary, some simply plug into the vehicle wiring harness via a towing plug located usually in the rear of the vehicle. Others are fitted towards the front of the vehicle and may require downloads and reprogramming by the manufacturers. Certain systems lay dormant until a download is undertaken, once complete all systems are active. For example a trailer stability programme would sense a change in the vehicle when towing and is able to correct a snake in the towing unit. VAG, Volvo and others benefit form the fitment of vehicle specific kits and with technology increasing rapidly vehicle specific kits will be required on certain future applications. These are only a small number of innovative products available from PCT, for further information please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 0114 2511000.


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