We manufacture various relays allowing a full installation to be completed on most vehicles. The most popular installation in the UK is that of a universal 7 channel towing interface module. These are designed to act as a buffer to prevent voltage spikes being introduced into the towing vehicles digitally controlled circuits. It also eliminates the possibility of a fault within the towing unit’s electrical circuits from damaging that of the towing vehicles. Other product listings include the audible relay, a device which buzzes when the vehicle's directional indicators operate, alerting the driver that the towed unit's indicators are working (only when coupled to a towed unit). This function is a statutory requirement under the UK road regulations. We also manufacture the split charge relay which allows your fridge to be operational until you reach your destination. The relay then switches off the power when the ignition is turned off, not draining the vehicle battery. These are only a small number of innovative products available from PCT, for further information please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 0114 2511000.


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